Rhopoint Aesthetix Instrument Vision System

Perfect Surface Quality with Cobot-driven Appearance Measurement

Geared up with the latest Rhopoint imaging technology, Konica Minolta’s surface inspection cobot CoboSense raises industry standards for material analysis, while reducing maintenance costs.

Aesthetix IVS logo

Aesthetix IVS (Instrument Vision System) 

  • All-in-1 measurement tool
  • HDR dual camera sensor
  • IVS internal software – display and analysis of surface data
  • Captures the surface characteristics below human visual resolution and merges them with human visual perception
  • Offers backward compatibility with existing international standards

One Device, Various Surface Characteristics Covered

  • Gloss
  • Reflection Haze
  • Sparkle
  • Texture, and more…
Aesthetix IVS logo

A Rhopoint Instruments & Konica Minolta collaboration

Cutting-edge measurement framework that captures all quality aspects of a surface that affect perception, including gloss, haze, colour and texture, offering new ways to measure reflective contrast, sparkle and coarseness, surface waviness and topography. 

Measurements, surface maps and images are displayed and analysed in a comprehensive software package suitable for research and quality control applications. 


  • Automated measurement and analysis
  • Higher industry standards for material analysis 
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Industry Applications

Automotive interiors
Paints & Coatings
And more…

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