Rhopoint Aesthetix Instrument Vision System

It’s perfect

A perfect surface finish has been the dream of manufacturers and brand owners for decades. Now, that dream has become a reality.

In partnership with KU Leuven University Gent, Rhopoint Instruments has designed a new system for quantifying surface appearance.

Rhopoint Aesthetix Instrument Vision System

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Aesthetix Vision Sensor

A dual camera sensor with innovative lighting captures HDR surface and gloss images with exceptional resolution lower than the human eye.

Aesthetix Vision Engine

The IVS internal software uses state of the art perception algorithms to calculate parameters that predict the human visual response to important surface characteristics. Uniquely, this allows technical control based on ISO or ASTM standard procedures and at the same time, check for visual judgment

Rhopoint Analytics

The Rhopoint software platform for display and analysis of surface data.

How does Aesthetix IVS characterise visual perception of surfaces?

For many decades, the visual perception of surfaces has been an important research topic for many academic institutions and dates as far as the work made by Pfund and Hunter in the 1930s. 

Newest studies found that the human vision system subconsciously considers multiple visual cues when judging or comparing surfaces. 

The Aesthetix adopts a similar approach – capturing multiple surface images which represent the optical characteristics of the surface modified for different viewing conditions.

Why Aesthetix?

ONE device, to control not just the technical aspects of a surface, but how the customer will see it.

Control your Surface Quality

Who can use this?

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